Almaoliva Culinary Special

Almaoliva Culinary Special is designed to provide an exquisite extra virgin olive oil for healthy fried foods. With it, one can create 100% natural and healthy foods to complement the nutritional requirements demanded by our health, achieved by using the beneficial components of the best oils from Almazaras de la Subbetica. The perfect combination of Picual and Hojiblanca beaked olives make Almaoliva olive oil ideal for use over different temperature ranges, from salad oil to use for frying in professional catering. Almazaras de la Subbetica has designed a unique oil so that our partners can create and make available truly unique products to the world:


- SAN NICASIO. A new concept in French fries.

- ORGANIKO. Chocolates, sweets and cocoa creams made of dreams.

- LA TORTILLA DE SENEN. Potato tortillas and "Spanish Burgers."

- CODESA. From the Sea to a well-laid table.

- THE SALMORETECA. The Cathedral of Salmorejo.

- ANDRES GAVIÑO CAKES. The natural flavor of a traditional brand.

- AMANIDA PICKLED FOODS. Quality for a healthy life.